Confidential Sales

At Otonomy we understand that the best way to sell a business is to ensure as wide an audience as possible learns about the sale. That said, at times there may be compelling reasons to keep some of the details about the sale confidential. As some of the fields in the listing wizard are mandatory, we have provided information below on how to provide confidential alternatives for those fields.

Business Name

If you do not wish your business name to be displayed please enter “Confidential” or “Confidential Sales” as the business name.

Business Address

You are not required to enter the full address of your listed business. If you prefer not to put in the street address, simply enter the city and province only. This way Buyers can still search and more importantly find your listing should they be looking for businesses in a specific city. We do not allow Sellers to enter the region for a business location. For example, you cannot enter “Western Canada” as a location.

The more information you can enter that will help in the Buyers discovery of your business the better. However, you may want to let potential Buyers know they can contact you for further information in the Description of the business. This free-format text is your opportunity to highlight and market the benefits of your business! If you require the Buyer to sign an NDA, you can inform them in the Description as well.

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