Additional Information That Buyers Want To Know

This section of the Listing Detail gives you the opportunity to further highlight information that potential buyers may like to know about your business. Keep in mind, the more detailed the information, the higher the probability of successfully matching with a qualified Buyer.

Seller Financing Negotiable

As discussed in more detail here, Seller financing is where an exiting business owner chooses to provide a loan to their buyer to help them cover the purchase price. Typically these loans are paid back over time and with interest. By indicating Yes to this question you let potential buyers know that you are open to discuss seller financing as part of the sale negotiation.

Competition Summary

This field allows you to explain who your business competes with and how it is differentiated from the competition.

Expansion Potential

Here you can explain to potential buyers what possible expansion options may be available to them once the business is theirs. This may be the opportunity to open a second location, enter a new market or launch a new product.

Support & Training Offered

Very few businesses change hands without a period of transition. This section gives you an opportunity to briefly explain your plans for this hand over so that potential buyers understand what your ideas on the matter are.

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